Who is she?

She sees the good in people, and believes in magic.  She always looks beautiful, and you can hear her laughter from outer space. You can find her on the dance floor, with glitter on her cheeks. She walks the city streets, strolls the small towns, and climbs the highest mountains. She is a gentle warrior who honors her intentions. She loves to seek adventure. She is a trendsetter.  She loves to let loose and no matter what the weather, her hair always looks good. 

She is an Urban Angel, & this is #HAIRYOULOVE. 


Then I saw her without all of the things they had convinced her she needed to be pretty...

She was simply beautiful.
— Dean Jackson



The stylist at Urban Angels are dedicated to their craft,  continuing their education regularly we guarantee that you will find exceptional satisfaction in your service. Our goal is to give you hair & make up you love, everyday. Our angels will teach you how to use our amazing line of professional styling products to mimic your in salon style at home.   Warm, positive energy flows off the wings of our angels and we are sure the time you spend with us will leave you elated.



So whether you are looking for a healthy hair clean up, a new make up look, styling for a special event, or simply a little girl time come in and get to know us.  We can't wait to meet you.